About Us

What does PM and the Moon have to do with printing?  It goes back to our origin.  Paul started doing some freelance work for a division of Bank of America in the Fall of 1996.  Sherri Hartnett was the Senior VP of the Mutual Funds arm of the Bank.  She had a great question she’d ask me and her staff when a seemingly insurmountable task was at hand.  “Is this something that no sleep will fix?”  And so it began, working late into the evening hours, under moonlit skies!   Ultimately making sure we always delivered on time no mater the unusual hours it took to keep the schedule.

The PM Group likes to think we were first to coin the term “Print Management” to describe our services.  We have recently merged with The Printery.  They have been committed to cutting edge in house printing for over 30 years.  Our common bond is, we like to solve our clients’ problems!  We’re also “collectors” of unique, unusual printing pros who service a very specialized niche in our industry.  Most are “to the trade only”, lean on us for client service and consultation.  We’ve worked in over 1,600 shops in the last 25 years!  By employing the right tool, time and effort, quality is improved while costs are dramatically reduced.

So…PM is short for Print Management and the moon signifies the p.m. (or long, late) hours we’ll work to keep our clients satisfied.  We always want to be the partner you give a project to and consider it done.  You know it will be delivered on time, on budget, and be worthy of you and your company’s name.

We are communications professionals.  Our clients come to consider us as an extension of their staff.  We are an ally in the development and delivery of the printed word.  We come to the table with in-depth problem-solving knowledge.  Our viewpoint is not clouded by the overhead of hardware in our back shop.  We assist our clients in coming to the best solution…the right fit for their needs.


Between The PM Group and The Printery we have over two hundred years’ of experience. The core of The PM Group has more than 100 years’ experience in the graphic arts industry with specific, hands-on day-to-day production management.

Our staff has worked in diverse graphic arts disciplines; advertising, design, file prep and many unique and unusual types of printing.  These backgrounds help us to better understand your needs, deliver an exceptional product, and offer great service.

PMG has 25 years’ experience dealing with high-volume and complex projects for major corporations and government entities.

Internal Operations

The PM Group maintains a proprietary work management system which tracks entire projects from inception through completion. The system includes estimating, scheduling, planning, production, and time and materials modules. 

From prototyping and conceptual work to pack-outs and shipping, The PM Group can be a dependable extended staff member. We transform your creative ideas ink on paper solutions. 

We also offer communications with the clients through face-to-face meetings, conventional phone calls, email, virtual real-time proofing, and Zoom.

The Intangibles

A Better Way to Buy Printing

California certified small business

The PM Group is recognized as a Certified Small Business by the State of California, which allows us to competitively bid on many projects for highly-regulated State entities. If your firm participates in the State’s Small Business Participation Program, The PM Group often receive a 5% bid preference on bids and in turn helps corporations and government offices meet its small business participation goals.

Certified by the U.S. Congress/environmentally driven

The PM Group actively embraces and preserves our environment. PMG is recognized by the U.S. Congress as the first graphic arts company in the State of California to be fully solar powered. Sales representatives drive electric and / or hybrid cars. All materials are recycled. PMG also participates in the pick-up and disposal of non-recyclable materials such as computers and hard drives.

A better way to buy printing

The PM Group is a pioneer in the area of Corporate Print Management. We see the print world as forever changing. Printing facilities have become more vertical in their market niche is order to stay viable and profitable. Conversely, consumers of quality printing need single-source convenience due to leaner, smaller staffs. The PM Group’s reason for existence is to bridge this gap for our clients, and to bring more effective and efficient methods to buying high quality design and printing of all descriptions.

Emerging Technologies

The PM Group is constantly evaluating new technologies to increase efficiency and diversity in our products and services. To that end, we have added several internet-based offerings to supplement traditional ink on paper.

Online Proofing

The PM Group offers convenient online proofing options. Our system allows any number of users to proof and make comments right in their browser with no need to purchase expensive software.

Interactive Publications

The interactive publication from The PM Group is a virtual edition of any printed book or magazine. But it goes beyond a simple printed publication. Our iPubs can contain links to web pages or emails, upgraded images, audio files, and video. This tool can add significant value to your publication and website. The iPub can readily serve as a hub for Social Media Campaigns. The system is highly flexible and we can adapt to your specific proofing needs. We can establish a hierarchy for different reviewers, a time line for proof delivery, and manage rights for each reviewer. You tell us which members of your organization can make comments, and which are responsible for making final decisions, and we adjust the system to replicate your approval structure. Online proofing can be collaborative, and takes place in real-time. When one reviewer adds a comment to the system, other logged-in reviewers can view the comments and respond/elaborate directly within the system. This ability to collaborate reduces review iterations by answering questions within a single round of comments.

Communicating and much more

We also share a strong commitment that printing is not just about ink on paper. We feel our role neither begins nor ends with the printed word. Our service is about the details that happen before, during, and after a project takes life. Foreign translation, internet proofing, late breaking edits, complex versioning, and distribution are just a few ways in which we aid our clients. Our goal for any project is simple: to understand the needs of our clients…and deliver results.

Your Team of Professionals

Paul McKinney

Office: (949) 597-1662, ext. 222

Paul’s vision for The PM Group has developed over the years in the printing and graphic arts industry as “A better way for clients to utilize design and manage the printing process.”  He brings an intense eye for quality and an appreciation for the inner workings of large corporate clients.  He possesses extensive knowledge of the design process and its relationship to pre-press and printing.

Pam McKinney

Office: (949) 597-1662, ext. 111

As CEO of The PM Group, Pam directs company resources and oversees all financials for the company. Before founding The PM Group, she worked for international companies in the jewelry and giftware industries. Her expertise in accounts payable and receivable allow her great access to answer clients’ needs and performance expectations.​

Leigh Shearer

949-597-1662, ext. 133

As General Manager of The PM Group, Leigh brings a wealth of experience in graphic design and many diverse types of printing. Her career spans from advertising agencies and print brokerages to managing one of Orange County’s major print facilities. She possesses exceptional experience in the areas of paper, print, and bindery. Leigh is available any time to answer questions regarding design and production.

Mary Pat Barretto

949-597-1662, ext. 131

Mary Pat Barretto facilitates estimating, production, schedules, deliveries, and all facets of the printing process. She has in-depth, on-sight knowledge of all phases of print. Mary Pat focuses on providing excellent customer service and ensuring good relationships with outside suppliers. If you need an answer, MaryPat will most likely have it!

Rachelle Leland

(949) 597-1662, ext. 132

Rachelle Leland brings a wealth of knowledge to The PM Group’s digital space. She manages our Web2Print & blast email programs in addition to keeping our internal systems “Ready for Launch”. We’re fortunate to have her expertise in the Aerospace world on hand and her innate desire to tackle new and exciting technologies.