Print Green!

how green is your print resource?

  • The PM Group is the first and only graphic arts firm in Southern California to be 100% solar-powered.
  • The Forest Stewardship Council promotes the responsible management of the world’s forests. The PM Group can deliver an FSC-certified printed piece for your next project.
  • Most projects are printed on recycled or recyclable paper, using soy inks and earth-friendly solvents.
  • Much of our sales and service is done via electric and hybrid vehicles.
  • We recycle extensively! From aluminum printing plates to soda cans, from press set-up paper, to office refuse, we strive to be conscious in all phases of our business.
  • According to, since 2009 over 60% of all paper is recycled in the U.S.!

The PM Group can provide many seal and/or certificates to help you print a greener product.

The PM Group is your
greenest printing option.